(Academic Projects:)

  George Mason University                                                             [Aug 2019-Jan 2020]

  • Developing  Image segmentation algorithm with Acura Analytics on a capstone project handwritten text recognition.
  • Currently working in Computer security Information Science lab with Dr Emanuela Marasco, We are using various deep learning and image processing techniques to classify live and spoof finger images in different colourspace domains.
  • Worked as Graduate Research Assistant under Dr Michael Von Fricken, we modelled a stationary robot which controls lawn ticks, I built and was studying the robot performance and was collecting data from various sensors in the outside environment.
  • Worked on data handling and modelling data visualizations and projecting better performance graphical representation on various datasets
  • Working on machine learning and Deep learning Algorithms like support Vector Machine and Neural Networks.
  • Worked on small and medium datasets and modelled them using Perceptron, linear-gradient descent algorithms.

      JNTUH College of Engineering                                      [Jan-2019- May 2019]

  • Worked on the hybrid model by simulating Solar and Wind energy and their Harmonic reduction by connecting the mini-grid from domestic houses to the main grid using Matlab and Simulink.
  • Worked on harmonic reduction using D-Statcom and also successfully simulated the model using Simulink Matlab.

Defense Research & Development Laboratory, India.                                         

  • Theoretical, Experimental Comparison and Mathematical Modelling of AC-AC 3-Phase Thyristor.
  • Detailed Study over 10 different Electrical Transducers in the Structural Test Facility DRDL.
  • Project on Open-Loop Heat Flux Control on Metallic Sample Plate and observation on how missile Fins are tested using this process.