Workshops and Conferences

(Undergraduation Work):


  • Gave a Presentation in Indian International Science Conference (young science conclave) on a business idea over Green city in National Physical Laboratory, Delhi, India. (ID: CITY_11)


  • Machine Learning and Data Science- Linear Regression, Gradient Descent, Support Vector Machine, Pandas applications, Logistic Classifier and python models on end to end data science. ( JNTUH-Hyderabad, 2018)
  • Drone workshop- flight and aerodynamic modelling of single rotor drone in JNTU-Hyderabad. ( JNTUH-Mantani, 2018)
  • Designing and launching of Cube Satellite and calculating its altitude, temperature and humidity using Arduino UNO and respective sensors.( JNTUH-Hyderabad, 2019)
  • Workshop on Arduino Coding (JNTUH-Jagtial)